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Introduction to Nematodes by E.C. McGawley, C. Overstreet & M.J. Pontif, L.S.U. Ag Center, Baton Rouge, LA 70803 (Feb. 2010)

The slide presentation on Introduction to Nematodes is a richly illustrated, high quality presentation for educational purposes. It fills a gap for the dissemination of the information of the large diversity and great importance of nematodes to a wider audience. The slide presentation deals with the history of the science, taxonomy, morphology, habitats, sampling and extraction methods, symptoms and loss estimates, population dynamics, thresholds and management, identification keys and gives a highlight of the economically important genera. The authors do not consider the presentation as a finished product but rather as an ongoing project that reflects on the knowledge accumulated about nematodes and their roles in nature. I warmly invite IFNS members, colleagues and friends to download this presentation (, use it for educational purposes and as the authors encourage, provide them a user’s feedback on their very informative and attractive Nematode introductory slide presentation.

Wilfrida Decraemer
IFNS President

Unseen Enemies by H. S. Gaur

This VCD (Video Compact Disc) gives an introduction to nematodes, the diseases that they cause, and the methods of control. Nematology teaching, research and extension activities in India are also covered. A brief mention is made of nematodes that are useful as biological control agents of insects. This film will be useful for introducing plant nematology to farmers, the general public, students and administrators in India as well as in other countries where similar nematode pest problems exist.
A version in Hindi is also available entitled ‘Sutra-krimi – Chhipey Shatru’. The film is 27 minutes long and is available in Betacom, VHS, Multivideo VCD and DVD formats. The VCD can be played on almost all standalone DVD Players and on all computers with a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive with the help of a software based decoder / player.

The VCD can be obtained from Dr. H S Gaur, Head, Division of Nematology, IARI, New Delhi 110 012, India. Tel: 91.11.25846626; Fax: 91.11.25734721;

Pine Wood Nematode Taxonomic Database by Paulo Vieira, Manuel Mota and J. D. Eisenback

The pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilous, is an economically important species that has caused severe injury to pine trees wherever it has been introduced. It is responsible for numerous quarantines on the movement of wood and wood products around the world. This CD ROM contains all of the original descriptions of all of the species in the genus Bursaphelenchus.The documents can be examined with any software application that can open PDF files, most commonly Adobe Acrobat Reader. $49.95

Nematology Laboratory Investigations, Vol. 1 – Morphology and Taxonomy by J. D. Eisenback

This manual (available as a book and CD) consists of 25 time-tested investigations on the morphology and taxonomy of nematodes. Each lab has a brief introduction, clearly stated objectives, a list of resources required, and a worksheet outlining procedures for completing each exercise. The investigations are clearly illustrated with line drawings, and key questions are included. Sample chapters include: Gross Morphology, Cuticular Markings, Cuticular Layering, Body Wall and Somatic Muscles. The instructor may print copies of the labs for each student from an included CD ROM. $150.00; CD only – $120

NEMAPIX Vol. 1 – 3

Many of the nematode pictures that you can see on this web site are from Mactode Publications. They publish educational resources which can be used for Powerpoint presentations, making web pages, extension publications and brochures, as well as for seminar and classroom lectures. Nemapix (3 CDs) contains micrographs of various nematode species and genera, symptoms of infection on host plants, symptoms seen in the field, nematologists, and charts and diagrams useful for teaching, original photographs, drawings, paintings, charts, graphs, digitized video clips, and out of print books and original journal articles related to Nematology.

Contact information for the above three CDs: Mactode Publications, 3510 Indian Meadow Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060, USA;; Tel: 1-540-231-4650; Fax: 1-707-988-8647;


NemaSYS is an informative CD with modules on the biology of plant-parasitic nematodes, sampling & extraction, identification & control as well as fact sheets on nematode problems of a range of crops.

Suitable for students, researchers, consultants and farmers.

Send cheque or money order for A$10.15 in Australian dollars to:
Kaelene Clarke, Queensland Horticulture Institute, Department of Primary Industries, 80 Meiers Road, Indoroopilly, QLD 4068, Australia.

A Glossary of Plant Nematology and Related Terms

A Glossary of Plant Nematology and Related Terms was prepared and made available on CD-ROM by Jonathan D. Eisenback. This electronic publication updates and compliments the old Glossary of Nematological Terms published by Field Caveness in 1964¨C1974. Additionally, it contains terms from the disciplines of botany, ecology, microbiology, microscopy, molecular biology, plant pathology, soils and taxonomy.

The electronic glossary can be obtained from CABI Publishing, CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, OX10 8DE, UK, Fax: +44-1491-829292; E-mail:
or from USA CABI Publishing, CAB International, 10 East 40th Street, Suite 3203, New York, NY 10016, USA for £50 (about US$80).

Also developed by J. Eisenback is the Root-Knot Nematode Taxonomic Database, which is available from CAB International at £90 (about US$144) each for individuals and at £195 (about US$312) each for institutions.