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The Society of Nematologists (SON) was initiated in 1961. The first national meeting was held in Corvallis, Oregon, in 1962 with a subsequent meeting held each year in the USA or Canada. The constitution of the Society specifies its aims and goals. The purpose of the Society of Nematologists is the advancement of the science of nematodes (mostly microscopic roundworms). To serve this purpose, the Society acts as an agency for the exchange of information, holds regular meetings, and promotes and extends knowledge in all areas of nematology.

The Society is operated on a nonprofit basis exclusively to advance these educational and scientific purposes for the science of nematology.


Dr. Billy Crow
University of Florida
Department of Entomology and Nematology
Steinmetz Hall
1881 Natural Area Dr.
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 273-3941
IFNS Councilor
Dr. Robin Giblin-Davis
Dr. Robin Giblin-Davis
Professor and Acting Center Co-Director
Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center University of Florida/IFAS
University of Florida
3205 College Avenue
Davie, FL 33314
Tel: +1 (954) 577 6333
Skype +1 (954) 577 6333
IFNS Councilor
Dr. Axel Elling
Dr. Axel Elling
Principal Scientist
2 T.W. Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Tel: +1 (919) 549 2450


SON Annual Meeting 2018


The Journal of Nematology is the official refereed journal of SON. It is published quarterly as an open access journal in electronic format only. The journal considers original papers and research notes on basic, applied, descriptive or experimental nematology. The Journal was first issued in 1969. Andrea Skantar is the current Editor-in-Chief.

Journal of Nematology (back) issues are available free of charge and searchable online at

The Society maintains a website ( with meeting announcements and information, submission details for the Journal of Nematology, the names of Society officers and committee members, the Operations Manual and links to other nematology sites. There is also a membership directory containing names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and E-mail addresses of all Society members.

The Nematology Newsletter is published electronically on the Society webpage, and reports on developments in the Society and its affiliates. It provides information on coming events, book reviews and placement information and job opportunities. A “People and Places” section reports on special activities and awards affecting society members. Jon Eisenback and Paulo Vieira ( are the current Editors.

The Nathan A. Cobb Nematology Foundation ( provides all nematologists the opportunity to build self-sustaining endowments for the advancement of nematology. The endowments are used to support important nematology projects that are beyond the normal resources of the Society of Nematologists.


A membership form is available at the Society’s web site or from the business office (see below).

Membership dues for are US$60 for regular members and US$30 for student members. Regular member dues may be paid for three years at the current annual rate.

Please send all dues by cheque made payable to the Society of Nematologists (in US dollars and drawn on a US bank) to
the Society of Nematologists, c/o Steve Thomas,
P.O. Box 190, Mesilla Park, NM 88047


Society of Nematologists, c/o Steve Thomas
P.O. Box 190 ~ Mesilla Park, NM 88047
Phone: 575-649-9266 | Skype +1 575-649-9266419