About IFNS

About IFNS

A Global Communications Forum
The Federation aims to foster communication among nematologists worldwide, through national and regional nematology societies. It also aims to enhance overall awareness of nematodes and the science of nematology. A key element in this is facilitating and promoting information exchange, e.g. through the International Congress of Nematology that occurs at six year intervals.

Member Societies

The 17 nematology societies affiliated to the IFNS have over 2000 individual members.

Information on member societies is provided on the Membership page.

IFNS President

Prof. Dr. Florian Grundler INRES
Universität Bonn

IFNS Vice-president

Prof. John Jones
Head of Cell & Molecular Sciences Department
The James Hutton Institute Invergowrie
Dundee DD2 5DA
Scotland UK

IFNS Secretary

Dr Thomae Kakouli-Duarte
Director of Envirocore, Lecturer
Department of Science & Health, Carlow Campus
R93 V960


Current IFNS Councillors

Aurelio Ciancio  РONTA
Anhil Sorhi – Nematological Society of India
Biodun Claudius-Cole – Nigerian Society of Nematology
Byron Adams – Society of Nematologists
Clemen De Oliveira – Brazilian Nematology Society
Danny Coyne – Nematology Society of Southern Africa
Eric Grenier – European Society of Nematologists
Ernesto San-Blas – Venezuelan Society of Nematology
Francesca De Luca – Italian Nematology Society
Gerhard Du Preez – Nematology Society of Southern Africa
Isgouhi Kaloshian – Society of Nematologists
Koki Toyoda- Japanese Nematological Society
Manzoor Hussain Soomro – Pakistan Society of Nematologists
Mike Hodda – Australian Association of Nematologists
Misako Okumura – Japanese Nematological Society
Rosa Manzanilla – ONTA
Mikhail Pridannikov – Russian Society of Nematology
Peng Deliang – Chinese Society of Plant Nematologists
Sanaa Haroon – Egyptian Society for Agronematology
Wilfrida Decraemer – European Society of Nematologists
Zahra Tanha Maafi – Iranian Society of Nematology

Past Presidents

Larry Duncan Professor University of Florida, IFAS (2014-2022)

Wilfrida Decraemer Professor Universiteit Ghent(2008-2014)

David Chitwood Research Leader USDA Nematology Laboratory (2003-2008)

Thierry Vrain Innisfree Farms, Vancouver Island (Interim-President to January 2003)

Ken Barker Professor Emeritus North Carolina State University(President to June 2002)