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Brazilian Nematological Society

The Brazilian Nematological Society (BNS) (or Sociedade Brasileira de Nematologia in Portuguese) was founded on February 7 1974 during the First Meeting of Brazilian Nematologists at the Department of Zoology of the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz in Piracicaba, São Paulo State. At that meeting, organized by the late Dr. Luiz G. E. Lordello, 28 nematologists signed the book of foundation of the new Society.

Dr. Kenneth Barker (North Carolina State University), the first President of IFNS, was present at that memorable meeting. Today, the BNS has around 150 members, being the largest and most active nematological society in South America. The website of the society is at: A list of Brazilian Nematologists and their respective research areas can be visualized at:


Dr. Cesar Bauer Gomes

Dr. Cesar Bauer Gomes
Embrapa Clima Temperado
BR 392 km 78
Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul
Brazil, CEP 96115-000
Tel/ Fax: +55 (53) 3275-8100

IFNS Councilor

Dr. Andressa C. Z. Machado

Dr. Andressa C. Z. Machado
Instituto Agronômico do Paraná, IAPAR
Rodovia Celso Garcia Cid, km 375, Londrina, PR
Brazil, CEP: 86047-902
Tel/ Fax: +55 (43) 3376-2337


XXXV Brazilian Congress of Nematology (CBN). Theme: “Nematology: Emerging Issues and management strategies”

Dear colleagues, on the behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Brazilian Society of Nematology, we would like to invite you to participate in the XXXV Brazilian Congress of Nematology, to be held on June 24-29  2018 in the Convention Center Hotel Dall’Onder Grande Hotel in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


NematodaThe BNS’s former official journal Nematologia Brasileira has been discontinued. Nematoda is now the official, golden open-access scientific publication of the Brazilian Nematological Society. It publishes scientific articles, scientific notes, reviews and personal viewpoints on all topics related to the Phylum Nematoda (Nemata). Manuscripts can be submitted that deal with nematodes from all the trophic groups: bacteriophagous, micophagous, predators, omnivores, plant parasites and parasites of invertebrates or vertebrates (human, wild-living animals or farm animals) in natural, agricultural, urban or zoo environments. The manuscripts may cover any topic in the areas of basic biology, ecology, taxonomy and systematics (classic or molecular), genetics and molecular biology, epidemiology and control (management), and use of nematodes as environmental indicators or as biological control agents. Manuscripts may also be considered for publication if they deal with Nematology teaching, extension and public outreach education. The submissions for now are being done by sending email to the editor in chief Claudia Dolinski: For further details and to access the online version of Nematoda visit the Nematoda website at:


The Society subscription rate is US$50 / year. Send enquiries to the Treasurer Dr. Fernando Godinho de Araujo, E-mail: Find more information on the website