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Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals

The Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals, are attempting to create a large network of Agri-business Professionals in India and other SAARC countries with a view to enhancing the rural incomes in India by enabling access to appropriate agricultural technologies and market intelligence to the masses living in the hinterlands of India. Given the size and spread of the Indian agricultural sector, the country needs around 50,000 Agribusiness Clinics. This Project aims at establishing the basic mechanism that would facilitate establishing such Agri-clinics by motivated agricultural graduates on self-sustainable basis. This Project will establish the knowledge network, will identify the agri-graduate interested in starting Agri-Clinics, will train them and will provide the information products and services to their agri-clinics on an ongoing basis. Thus the concept of Agribusiness clinics becomes scalable and could expand till it reaches every major village in the country. The population of experts is estimated to be of the order of 5,000 and the target is to have at least 25% on the panel within 2 years. The professionals can be unemployed graduates, progressive farmers, manufacturers, service providers, buyers and customers of agricultural products and services.

Contact: Gokul Patnaik, Chairman ISAP, E12, Greater Kailash I, IIIrd Floor, New Delhi-110 048, India; E-mail:; Website:



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