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Fred G. W. Jones

Fred Jones passed away on 12th September 2003 in the South Perth Community Hospital, Western Australia. He was nearly 90.
In 1956, Fred was appointed Head of the Nematology Department at Rothamsted Experimental Station, eventually becoming Deputy Director in 1966. He retired officially from Rothamsted in 1979 at age 65, but remained on site until 1987 as an honorary scientist in the Statistics Department. After retiring, Fred maintained his scientific activities, first as editor of Nematologica, then as Managing Director and Secretary of the International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature (1980-1987). In addition to three editions of Pests of Field Crops, he wrote over two hundred scientific papers, ran many courses in Plant Nematology locally and overseas. He was also an external examiner to various universities, a Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London University, an editor of various scientific journals and a member of many visiting groups and national committees. He spent considerable time in India, and ran the first Plant Nematology course there at Aligarh Muslim University and later another at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi. He was the first to discover the potato cyst-nematode in India (in the Nilgiris), which did much to foster the establishment of plant nematology in India, and supported training of Indian nematologists. He was awarded
Honorary Fellowships by the Society of Nematologists, the European Society of Nematologists and the Association of Applied Biologists. Because of his role in helping to further Nematology in India, in 1992 at the age of 78, he also travelled alone to India as a guest to attend the first meeting of the Afro-Asian Society of Nematologists in Aligarh, the last major international scientific meeting he spoke at. Fred is survived by his wife Enid, three sons and a daughter, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Luiz Gonzaga Engelberg Lordello

Dr. Luiz Gonzaga Engelberg Lordello, the most outstanding Brazilian nematologist, died on 4 February 2002, at the age of 75. His career (1951-1984) was established at the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, Piracicaba, University of S㯠Paulo, from where he was awarded the Ph.D. degree in 1953 in zoology. He spent two years in the USA on a post-doctoral program with Dr. G. Steiner in 1954-55. Dr. Lordello was responsible for much of our understanding of the free-living and plant-parasitic nematodes occurring in Brazil but also made contributions to research on bio-ecology, host-parasite interactions, and control methods. His scientific output included over 150 papers, textbooks, and extension bulletins. In 1974, he proposed the creation of the Brazilian Nematological Society (BNS) being subsequently elected as its first President. In 1981, he was formally awarded with the title of "Father of the Brazilian Nematology" in recognition to his huge contribution to the development of Plant Nematology in Brazil. He is survived by his wife, Maria de Lourdes, four daughters, and eight grandchildren (from Luiz Carlos Camargo Barbosa Ferraz).

Juan Heyns

Prof Juan Heyns of South Africa, died on 21-12-2001 after a heart bypass operation and subsequently contracting pneumonia.

Klaas Kuiper

In December 2001, Klaas Kuiper, former head of the Nematology Diagnostic Department of the Plant Protection Service in Wageningen, the Netherlands passed away after a long period of illness.

Pierre Baujard

Pierre BAUJARD died on 30th November, 2001 at the Hopital de Villejuif, France, after a long illness.



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