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Letter of ESN President received 24 June 2003

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of The European Society of Nematologists (ESN) it is my pleasure to invite all people involved in Nematology and Plant-Parasite Interaction to attend the "XXVII ESN International Symposium", which will be organised in Rome, Italy, from June 14 to 18th, 2004. This International Meeting is being jointly sponsored by ESN, National Council of Research (CNR), and other public and private Institutions.

In the past decades, the application of classical Nematology principles coupled with modern agronomic practices, biotechnology and molecular biology improved yield and food quality.
Fifty years after the discovery of the structure of DNA, our progress in manipulating genes and in knowledge of their function has been enormous. Molecular tools have become integrated in all fields of research. New techniques were developed for fast-forward genetics to identify genes required for plant susceptibility and resistance to nematodes. As this area of research is witnessing a considerable expansion of knowledge, the Program Organising Committee of the Symposium will plan a number of panel discussion which will provide ample opportunities for confronting different points of view in Nematology and for debating the future of plant-nematode interaction. Speakers from different countries will illustrate the present status and future perspectives of public and private research in Nematology.

I am sure that you will not miss this scientific opportunity and enjoy visiting Rome, a unique historical city and art centre.

Additional information on conference themes, abstract submission, accommodation and more will be provided at,"Page in construction" as it becomes available.

Looking forward to seeing you numerous in Rome,

Teresa Bleve-Zacheo,
ESN President



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