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About IFNS




A Global Communications Forum

The Federation aims to foster communication among nematologists worldwide, through national and regional nematology societies. It also aims to enhance overall awareness of nematodes and the science of nematology. A key element in this is facilitating and promoting information exchange, e.g. through the International Congress of Nematology that occurs at six year intervals.

Member Societies

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The 14 nematology societies affiliated to the IFNS have a total of 2,500 individual members. Details of what you get when you join these societies are provided on the Member Society pages.

IFNS Councilors

IFNS Secretary

IFNS Vice President

IFNS President

Ernesto San-Blas
Robin Giblin Davis
Mieke Daneel
Satish Dhawan
Axel Elling
Sundershan Ganguly
Johannes Hallmann
Sanaa Haroon
Robin Heuttel
Mike Hodda
Manzoor Hussain
Johji Miwa
Rosa Manzanilla
Teresa Marisa
El-Shawadfy M. Mousaiwa
Loes den Nijs
Hiroaki Okada
Mikhail Pridannikov

Andreas Westphal
University of California Riverside
Department of Nematology
Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center
9240 S. Riverbend Ave
Parlier, CA 93648
Ph: (559) 646 6555




Dr. Ernesto San-Blas 
Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (IVIC) 
Centro de Estudios Botanicos y Agroforestales 
Lab. Proteccion Vegetal 
Calle 79 con Av 8 (Santa Rita) Maracaibo, Venezuela C.P. 4001 Telf.: (58-412) 078.68.22 
E-mail: / / u
Larry Duncan
University of Florida, IFAS
Citrus Research and Education Center
700 Experiment Station Rd.
Lake Alfred, FL 33850

863 956 8821 (office)
863 956 4631 (fax)


Ken Barker
Professor Emeritus
North Carolina State University

(President to June 2002)

Thierry Vrain
Innisfree Farms, Vancouver Island

(Interim-President to January 2003)
David Chitwood
Research Leader
USDA Nematology Laboratory

Wilfrida Decraemer
Professor Universiteit Ghent





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